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The Hive of Services :

Our professionals advise and consult on different needs of Corporates, Institutes, Communities, and Individuals, thereby impart various services to support the respective businesses, products and activities irrespective of geographies and cultures. The different services offered by HoBS are as follows :

Consulting Services

"Consult an expert, reinforce the plan, walk the smart path, execute the best"

We believe that 'plans are nothing without a prudent planning'. Our experts consult our clients to ensure the proper planning and implementation of their assignments in different sectors and areas of businesses; thereby confer to do what is correct, what is sustainable for their businesses. While consulting on the planning & execution, our experts also partner to our clients' strategies to help them walking the path of perfection. Our team is currently consulting on the below areas:

Consulting Services

HOBS provides consulting services to different categories of projects for different clients.
Such Project Consulting Services include:

Feasibility Studies
Environmental Impact Assessment
Energy Mapping & Audit
Social Business Projects


Addressing Sustainability is a key requirement for present businesses. Corporate, Industries and even individuals are now a days growing more concious to evaluate, analyse and adopt sustainability practices. HOBS assists its clients and provides consulting to various sustainability related aspects of businesses. Such services include:

Carbon Footprint Assessment
Emission Neutrality (Offsetting)
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
Carbon Disclosure Projects
Water Footprint Assessment, etc.


HOBS assists its clients in aligning businesses as per various standards and certifications.
HOBS provides consulting for such services which include:

ISO Certifications
CSR Assurance Certification
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)