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The Hive of Services :

Our professionals advise and consult on different needs of Corporates, Institutes, Communities, and Individuals, thereby impart various services to support the respective businesses, products and activities irrespective of geographies and cultures. The different services offered by HoBS are as follows :

Advisory Services

"Advise to gratify the current needs creating a pathway for sustainable tomorrow"

An astute decision today may not hold wise for the future. So, at HOBS we advise our clients in their different business needs and intend to partner in their decision making process, help re-evaluating their business needs on a timely basis and thereby support a corporate drive. Currently, our Advisory team is committed to deliver the following services:

Advisory Services

Project Advisory is a broad category of services under Advisory Verticle of HOBS.
Currently, it includes:

GHG Projects
Environmental Projects
Sustainability Projects
Project Financing Support, etc.


Under the Corporate Advisory Services, HOBS provides different solutions to corporate clients.
Such services include:

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Corporate Reporting
Business Development Support
Proposal Writing, etc.


Under the Trading Advisory, HOBS assists its clients in trading of various market instruments.
HOBS advises and facilitates in such intruments, which include:

Voluntary Carbon Credits (VER)
Compliance Carbon Credits (CER)
Renewable Energy Certificates (REC, I-REC)