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The Hive of Services :

Our professionals advise and consult on different needs of Corporates, Institutes, Communities, and Individuals, thereby impart various services to support the respective businesses, products and activities irrespective of geographies and cultures. The different services offered by HoBS are as follows :

Institutional Services

"Rendering support services that weave the media and educational hive for concocting brighter futures"

Institutional needs bring about a positive change and strength. It helps to distinguish between what is right and wrong. In this section of services we have tried to engulf the ever increasing demands in the fields of media and education, thereby impart the support services for institutional needs. Our whole purpose therefore, is to serve the want of the hour and move towards a brighter era.

We provide a range of institutional services:

Designing and Innovation

"Embellishing the ideas of creative intelligence into visual reality"

Our clients get access to intuitive designs through our designing section. Our experts craft the best designs and décor solutions to suit the clients’ requirements. We use subtlety in our designs as subtlety is one of the traits of great designing. It is like clear thinking made visual. In designing, we maintain a harmony between not only business and art but also clients and the designer.

Our service basket covers:

The Design-Hive:
Designing is one of the key services of HOBS. We always believe that “it’s not just about IDEAs, but to make ideas Happen”! Therefore, we render our focus on detail-elements and work effectively on all our designs. For us, Designing is an Art and it is the manifest of ideas, imagination and real time creativity. So we have a dedicated team associated with us for catering to all design needs of our clients.
'Sun Rise Creations' (SRC) is the design-hive of HOBS. SRC takes care of all designing, printing and fabrication related services for HOBS. SRC is also established as a separate entity; however they are the exclusive functional unit of HOBS for its ‘Design Services’.

Advisory Services

"Advise to gratify the current needs creating a pathway for sustainable tomorrow"

An astute decision today may not hold wise for the future. So, at HOBS we advise our clients in their different business needs and intend to partner in their decision making process, help re-evaluating their business needs on a timely basis and thereby support a corporate drive.

Currently, our Advisory team is committed to deliver the following services:

Consulting Services

"Consult an expert, reinforce the plan, walk the smart path, execute the best"

We believe that 'plans are nothing without a prudent planning'. Our experts consult our clients to ensure the proper planning and implementation of their assignments; thereby confer to do what is correct, what is sustainable for their businesses. While consulting on the planning & execution, our experts also partner to our clients' strategies to help them walking the path of perfection.

Our team is currently consulting on the below areas:

Other Services